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Kostrate® Edge Savings

Injection Molding Unit Value Cost Analysis

The unit value cost analysis is designed to give you a realistic idea of your probable savings with PSG's Kostrate® Edge. To fill out the UVCA you will need the following information. Changes can be made in your UVCA but only make changes in the yellow boxes.

  1. Specific gravity of Kostrate® and comparison material. (Also, if drying is necessary for comparison material).

  2. Cost per lb. of Kostrate® and comparison material.

  3. Annual volume of the application (lbs.).

  4. Cycle times for comparison material and estimated Kostrate® cycle times (based on similar applications).

  5. Number of cavities in the mold.

  6. Cost of machine rate per hour.

  7. Cost of drying (carbon footprint) based on power grid national study.

  8. Cost of splay / rejects as reported by custom molder.