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Plastic Selection Group, Inc.

Superior Processing Performance


All of our resins are processed at lower heat and still are easy flow using lower pressures, resulting in faster cycles. In addition, little or no drying time is required resulting in a lower carbon footprint. Due to these factors, there is also a significant reduction in scrap or rejects. All lines can be customized for the individual application requirements and at a savings over the traditional engineered clears.

Filling the Gap





PSG offers many grades of clear thermoplastic resins to BOTH Injection and Extrusion Molders. The links to the TDS for the resins listed below are only examples of each grade.  Most grades have many iterations available, contact us for a grade that will best perform to your needs.

Kostrate® Sizzle: A homopolymer, Kostrate® Sizzle is a polymerized GPPS. It is tougher, more affordable, provides an easy release and excellent surface lubricity in comparison to GPPS.

PSG Water Clear HIPS: PSG has successfully developed a clear HIPS! Has better impact than a standard GPPS while retaining clarity, offered in several grades and melts.

Kostrate® Edge 8: Included in our exclusive family of copolymers, Kostrate® Edge 8 provides a better performance over SMMA, GPPS, SAN and acrylic.

Kostrate® Edge: A terpolymer, Kostrate™ Edge is tough, rigid and ductile, delivers excellent process ability and is competitive to clear ABS, polyester, and polycarbonate.

EdgeGlas®: An additional terpolymer, EdgeGlas® withstands super high heat, is extended time microwaveable, is very cost effective, can withstand boiling water and is stain resistant.

EsterGlas: Copolymer polyester families, has good ESCR and HDT performance. Also has improved UV performance and process stability.

“Superior processing performance. The water clear clarity translates to a perceived higher value to the retail customer and results in increased sales.”

Our resins are BPA Free and contain no phthalates or antimony compounds

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