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Plastic Selection Group, Inc.

Water Clear Thermoplastic Resin


Founded by Bill Dickinson in 1992, PSG has grown into a nationally and internationally recognized clear thermoplastic resin development company. PSG is known most specifically for its Kostrate® Edge line.


Following Bill’s retirement in 2021, long time employees Dee Walker and Sue Belton purchased PSG in January of 2022.  PSG's philosophies, and resin development aspects remain the same, as do our product lines. Tailored formulations and development of new materials are always going to be PSG's focus. With Dee and Sue as owners, PSG is now a Woman-Owned Small Business.

Shortages in supply of more traditional materials have allowed PSG to develop many performing alternatives for our customers.  Please contact us about your clear resin needs or for discovering a time/ cost- saving alternative for any material and or product you may have at:

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